leadersWithout the hard work, dedication and leadership of all the individuals below Troop 354 would not be possible.

Scout Master –  Bob Pearsall

Assistant Scout Masters

Carlos Almeida, ASM
Colin Cipriani, ASM
Roger Febles, ASM
Anthony J. Foraci, ASM
Montgomery J. Granger, ASM
Michael R. Lehner, ASM
Aiden J. Markowitz, ASM
Manuel E. Monserrat, ASM
Gary A. Olson, ASM
Robert E. Pearsall, SM
Ryan J. Perovich, ASM
Steven Poulos, ASM
Charles Reed, ASM
Richard J. Rennard, ASM

Troop Committee Members

James E Barton Jr., Committee Member
James Folk, Committee Member
Vito Foraci, Committee Member
Craig Markowitz, Committee Member
Douglas H. Philp, Committee Chairperson, Chartered Organization Representative
Henry Ross, Executive Officer