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Cathedral Pines Camping Trip w/ a Search & Rescue Merit Badge weekend

06/03/2017 - 06/04/2017

We are planning a campout at Cathedral Pines this weekend.

$20.00 per boy for the food for the weekend, they should bring their bikes and helmets, and we will be doing a Search and Rescue MB program.

We will be running a Search and Rescue merit badge program on the campout.  There is a flier attached about the plans.

The boys can bring their bikes and helmets, and maybe pads if they wear them on the dirt trails.  There are many dirt bike trails around the park. We may need help transporting the bikes.

We are camping overnight, and  we will shop for food for the campout at BJs on Thursday evening 6/1 at 7:30 pm.  This will take about an hour.

For those boys new to the campouts, the troop supplies the tents.  The boys should bring their sleeping bags, and a cushion to sleep on.  They don’t need much in the way of clothing because it will probably be warm, but maybe a sweatshirt for at night, and one change of clothes, and some clothes to sleep in, poncho and flashlight.

We will go to Cathedral Pines in Middle Island after the Calverton flag pickup, campout overnight, and come home late Sunday morning, or maybe early Sunday afternoon depending on the Search and Rescue plans.

For those that have other things going on, this campout is convenient because it’s close, and the boys can come and go as needed to make their other activities.

But remember we will be doing a Search and Rescue MB (click here for more info SARMeritBadgeFlyer ) program that the boys will need to be there for to complete the badge if they are doing that.

If the boy is not there for the events, they might not be able to finish the badge that weekend.